Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Baby's Room

I wanted to show off the beautiful colors and patterns that RockyTopDesign on Etsy has for crib bedding design.  I am so excited to design my new baby's room.  He isn't here yet but we are so excited he will be coming around December 28th or maybe earlier if I get my way.  Look at these swatches of fabric...Robin's Egg Blue and Brown.  Aren't they so amazing?  Isn't Etsy amazing? 

 Can't you just imagine G and H together for a bumper and H for the crib skirt.  RockyTopDesign charges 208.00 for a custom made bumper and crib skirt.  Just amazing!

Take a look at this crib bumper, isn't it beautiful? 

Take a look at this gorgeous set that she has done, I would love it in the blue and brown colors that I have chosen.  She even gave me a website where I could order the swatches so that I could lay out the patterns and decide what matches well together.  Now, I can take the blue color and go find a paint that matches the fabric.  How cool is that!

I would also like to say that I compared prices on Etsy and I think that RockyTopDesign is very competitive, if not better pricing than some of the others.  I had to check that out since this is our fifth child and it would be hard explaining the extra costs to my husband! Yikes! Especially since I have given all of my baby stuff away a long time ago. I have nothing and now I am starting over.  The good thing is, I know what basics I need and I don't have to go crazy!  I am so excited, isn't this so fun?  Keep coming back and checking my blog because I am going to be posting some really cool baby stuff from Etsy that I love, love, love!