Friday, August 6, 2010

My First Baby Project

I happened upon a glider rocker during a community wide yard/curriculum sale.  I had wondered how I would get a rocker with such a small budget.  We had given all of our baby stuff away.  So, I have been piecing together a baby room, trying to be frugal.  You see I am 19 weeks pregnant, still trying to figure all this out.  Anyway, I was so thrilled to find this rocker for 20 dollars.  What a deal!  Take a look at the before picture!!!!!

It was a beautiful oak rocker but very outdated.  So, I thought hmmmmmm, what could I do with it.  I mean for 20 dollars, you just can't beat that!  So, here is what I came up with.  Check it out!  Here is my finished project!  Boy, do I love exclamation marks!

I primed the rocker, then painted it white with ceiling paint.  It is what I had left over in my garage.  I actually found that it covers brilliantly since ceiling paint is made to cover stains on ceilings.  It worked fab!

Then after painting it white, I decided to age this rocker and make it look rather farmish!  I took the sand paper to it and sanded a ton of areas to make it look used and abused.  I have to tell you, I wonder if there is a better way.  My fingers sure are sore and bruised!  I must add that I could not have finished this if both my sons, Trey and Graham hadn't helped me.  They did a spectacular job painting, sanding and brushing on the polyurethane.

Here is a smart picture of the rocker with its sand paper markings.  I wasn't quite happy with just the sanded white rocker so I took the advice of a friend who said I might take a tea bag to it.  I just added some hot water to a tea bag and as the tea bag released the dark stain, I sponged it on.  I had to work quickly so that it would be even.  It turned it from a white to a beautiful off white color.  Then when that was dry, I brushed on the polyurethane to give it a little glossy feel, just for comfort.  I had ordered the fabric from premier prints which will match my baby bedding.  It is a Robin's Egg blue and brown print, superb!!!!

My son, Trey, and I used a screw driver to pull out the old staples.  I then used the pattern from the old upholstered material to create a new pattern just by laying it on top and cutting around it.  I pulled out my handy dandy stapler and went to work.  Take a look at the bottom of the seat.  Instead of adding a skirt on the bottom, which I thought it would make it too feminine, I added a piping around the bottom to give it a more finished look.  I also added a brown large button.  The smallest touches add just the perfect solution to making it look fabulous, no, homey is the word I am looking for.  You see, I feel the need to get things done, if you know what I mean!!!  Now ladies, if I can do this, anyone can.  Well, I cheated a little bit!  My Mom came over and took the cushions and cut patterns from the cushions and sewed them up.  She did a phenomenal job, I might add. She also made the piping with the old plastic piping that we took out of the old cushions.  I feel so blessed to have her.  She is a super seamstress!  She is such a perfectionist that she is always saying, "I could never sew for anyone else because my work is not that good." But let me tell you, it looks great.  I hope you all have enjoyed my rendition of nesting.  Enjoy!!!!