Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Tribute To My Mom

Sarah "Bonnie" Roberts

My Mom has always been there for me!  
She is one of those self-less mothers that would do anything for her children.  
She was there to cheer me on when I graduated from nursing school!  
She made my wedding dress!  
She made all of the food for my wedding and catered it. 
She took care of my Daddy when he was dying of lung cancer.  
She wouldn't sleep anywhere but by him on the couch when he was dying in the hospital bed.  
She was there for me with every birth of my children.  
She raised my sister's daughter.  
She has been a shoulder to lean on for my other sisters. 
She has praised my husband for his intelligence and his love for me.  
She has helped to watch my children when I had appointments. 
She has come over and cleaned my house when I had just had it!  
I can't tell you how many loads of laundry she has folded.  
She has always been there for me!  
She is my best friend!
What a Mom!


Layton Family Joy said...

I don't know how - but she's taught my son for church!!

Cole said...

She sounds wonderful. :) lovely blog!

nicole visiting from

crush. blog said...

She's sounds amazing! :)

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