Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Need a Little Decorating Help!

     I am so tired of looking at my entry way as I come into my house.  I don't feel like it is very inviting and I need a little help.  Is there anyone out there who is willing to give me some advice or any suggestions to help me redecorate my entry way? 
     My biggest problem is that I do not know what to put in the little alcove. I am not sure if I should put a table in front of the alcove and how it would look because it would be two surface areas to put stuff on? Should I paint it a different color? Darker to stand out? What to do? Am I making any sense?  
     So, I need some decorating geniuses to help!  Help! Help! Help!  Where are my decorating friends when I need them:)


Between You and Me said...

Oh! I wish I was there!!!
This picture makes me miss your house, which makes me REALLY miss your family!!!

I'd get rid of the silk flowers....and I think the candle sticks are a little dated.

You could put a small table of some sort underneath it and add two tall lamps on either side of the table with a basket in the middle of it full of REAL greenery.

As for the alcove...I'd probably think about a couple of CHUNKY candle sticks from tjmaxx that match but are different medium and one tall one with some chunky creamy white candles in them OR I'd get a birdcage to sit in it with maybe a birds nest in it.

I'd start there...what do you think?

Donna said...

to me that wall looks like a book that is opened up - have you ever thought about putting words from a favorite book, movie or quote? then i don't think you would need anything else. use this for inspiration: hope that helps.

Sandy said...

Does the alcove light up? I would take everything out of the alcove,then paint the inside. That way no matter what you put in it, like a very large vase????, would stand out. And for the wicker chair, I would spray paint it and add a decorative cushion/cover. Then add a small rectanle table, you could put your key's on and your beautiful picture. Can't see if you have a rug in front of the chair. Just my 2 cent's :)

twest70 said...

Thanks, Tara for your ideas. I love them! Would you paint the inside?

twest70 said...

Wow, what a cool idea! Thanks for the link! Thank you, Donna!

twest70 said...

Thanks, Sandy! Such awesome ideas! I can take ideas from each of you and change that spot! What color, a darker beige or something different?

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