Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ok, So Here's What I've Done

In an earlier post, I asked my readers to give me some much needed decorating help.  I have taken some ideas from some of my sweet followers and I will show you what I have done.  Am I finished?  No, not yet!  I am thinking about painting the back of the alcove, and maybe placing some vinyl words at the top.  So, before I reveal the somewhat finished project, I'd like to remind you of the before picture.                                                                                                                                     

I would love to know what your thoughts are on what I have done!  By the way, I have kept the receipts for these items so that I can return them if I want.  Also, I am looking for a tall bird cage to put in the open space in the alcove.  I saw one at Pottery Barn, but too expensive!  I was thinking of putting in a fern. I am asking for the constructive criticism so please know that it won't hurt my feelings!  Added later: I just saw that Heather Bullard has the same lamp!  She bought them at Marshall's and I bought mine at TJ Maxx!  How funny!


Sandy said...

Love the paint color, sure does brighten the area up. Word's above the alcove would be awesome. Really like the lamp, but it's covering your other item's. Plus, the upper half of the alcove is bare with the short candlestick's n statue. I would add something very large to fill in the space. Take your time when shopping, when you find the right piece you will know it.

twest70 said...

Thanks for your help, Sandy!

Between You and Me said...

I think adding a birdcage will finish off the look in the alcove.

Then, you can put the candlesticks on the table, if they'll fit.

Between You and Me said...

the fern that you're talking about might be too much...since it is a smaller space. You can always buy it and see and then move it around to somewhere else in your house if it doesn't work.

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